Let’s Get Every Child into Learning

1. Project Area - 'Azizganj' village, Uttar Pradesh


Azizganj is a small village area at the bank of river 'Garrah' in the District 'Shahjahanpur', Uttar Pradesh. The area has a number of underprivileged families who are dis-interested in continuing their child's education mainly either because of the poor quality of primary education provided by the government schools, or due to the lack of financial resources to get them into good schools in neighbouring areas. AKSHAR decided to break people's myth here that their ward can not earn a living through education, atleast in such a hopeless surroundings. We opened our first school in this area on 7 July, 2009 with 5 children. Today, we have 75 children in our school who are getting to learn discipline, cleanliness, and good behaviour apart from their regular curriculum subjects. We focus on their learning rather than just passing the classes. We have designed our own system of focussed learning combined with daily extra curricular activites, so that children do not feel stressed and should consider studies as an interesting and important part of their life.


Our current plan is to make build a permanent school campus for these children and gradually expand the school capacity to 300 children. This will enable us to give proper education all the children in this village and make this entire village free from all evils which arise due to improper education. We need your help in making this possible for the children there.


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AKSHAR Project Area - 'Azizganj', Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh


2. Project Area - 'Akawani' village, Bihar:


This is a small village of almost 100 families in Rohtas District of Bihar. Village is poorly connected to the main city and gets disconnected with rest of India in rainy season. Literacy rate is extremely low at 30%. Roughly, ONLY 5% population has passed class 8 in any school. Most of the children in the village can be found working in the fields and have no hope of getting educated. Around 40% of the villages in Sasaram district have only unpaved roads. There is wide-spread unemployment in Akawani due to the lack of any kind of industrial development. Economy is mainly driven by agriculture.


AKSHAR started its classroom program in Akawani on 14 Jan 2011. Currently, there are 40 children who are getting quality education in  this village. We are planning to educate entire 100 odd children in the age group of 6-14 years by this year end. We would need help from you to start new classrooms for the remaining children in the village. 

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AKSHAR Project Area - 'Akawani' Village, Rohtas, Bihar

3. Project Area - 'Daraganj', Uttar Pradesh:


This is the most urban area AKSHAR is actively educating children. This classroom program runs in the Allahpur Locality of 'Allahabad' district of Uttar Pradesh. AKSHAR is educating 25 children here. Most of the children enrolled in AKSHAR here work as Part-time street vendors along the nearby riverside of Ganga river.


We started this center on 3 March 2011. Our plan is to reach out to more children by expanding the capacity of this center to 50 children in its morning and evening shifts. We need your help in appointing a new teacher for its evening classroom. 

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AKSHAR Project Area - 'Allahapur', Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh