Let’s Get Every Child into Learning

AKSHAR is meeting most of its expenses from the donations made by its founder members and volunteers. We still need your helping hand to make AKSHAR self-sustainable, which is very much necessary to take this dream to horizon. A list of our donors can be found in our Financial Contribution Statement.

A list of major expenses in running AKSHAR:

  1. Monthly Rent for School Building.
  2. Monthly Salary for the teachers
  3. Food items to the students.
  4. Stationery, toys, games for the students
  5. Maintenance of school campus
  6. Student learning activities in live environment.
  7. Furniture, library books.
  8. Cultural and extra-curricular activities.
  9. Computer, projector and other technical equipments

Note: AKSHAR does not spend any of the donations received for its administrative expenses so that we can utilize all the available resources ONLY in building up our children's future. All the administration work is taken care by its members who take time out from their personal life and volunteer for AKSHAR activities.


You can help us in implementing some of our new ideas in following ways:

Project Area - Village 'Akawani', Rohtas District, Bihar

Currently, there are 40 children who are getting quality education in  this village. We are planning to extend our classroom program to all the 100 odd children in this village. Your help is required to pay for atleast 1 teacher for teaching remaining 60 children in the village.

Approximate expense for hiring one teacher here is Rs 1200 per month.


Project Area - Village 'Azizganj', Shahjahanpur District, Uttar Pradesh

We need your help in building a permanent school campus for poor children here and hence expand the current school capacity to 300 children from 75 children today. This permanent campus will enable us to give proper education all the children in this village and make this entire village free from all evils which arise due to improper education. Currently, we are running our classroom education program from a rented place in this village. We need your help in making this possible for the children there.


Project Area - 'Allahapur', Allahabad District, Uttar Pradesh

Our plan is to reach out to more children by expanding the capacity of this center to 50 children in its morning and evening shifts. Currently, there are 25 children attending classroom program here. We need your help in appointing a new teacher for its evening classroom.  Approximate expense

Approximate expense for hiring one teacher here is Rs 1000 per month.

Approximate expense for renting one more classroom here is Rs 500 per month.